Marion's Landscape Painting Newsletter - December 2011

WELCOME to my December newsletter, Dear Newsletter Readers,

I hope you have been making the most of the recent mild weather, for those of you who are UK-based at least. I did manage on one magical morning to return it to a particularly attractive view and take some fantastic photographs of early morning mist across the fields. To date, sadly I have not even attempted to try and paint it yet. Do any of you ever find a photograph is so beautiful that you are not sure whether or not to attempt to paint it?

This month's newsletter is really made up of many snippets of thoughts and ideas. Over the last couple of months I have thoroughly enjoyed running some mixed media workshops. It always gives me great pleasure and delight to see people learning new skills and techniques and creating some striking and beautiful artwork. Only last Saturday I ran a workshop and I was so pleased to have done the planning I did. Sometimes I think I talk too much about creating compositional sketches and considering your colour schemes before you put paint to paper. However during one of my demos I was really glad that I had planned my colour schemes as the beautiful yellows, reds and pinks I had chosen to work with brought quite an ordinary subject to life. I really do strongly believe that spending some time planning and considering your work before you start to be of great benefit and help.

I would also like to remind you of the significant help that creating an overall background of colour has on your painting. In several paintings recently I have worked very wet with beautiful acrylic inks and then patiently waited for it to dry. The beautiful colours of the inks merge and run together and you can always cleverly place them where you want to initially. This gives a beautiful background on which to create an exciting painting.

December's Product

This month's products is very simply a fine white, permanent pen. I have found this to begreat fo adding a spot of fine detail especially against a really dark background.
As we come at the end of 2011 I hope you can think of many times when you've had great success with your art. Please do spend some time thinking ahead to 2012 and consider what your goals are.

Finally (and I know I have asked this before) but please do get in touch with me via the contact page if there are any areas that you would like me to discuss or if you have some questions you would like me to answer. It would really be fantastic to hear from you. I will say bye for now and wish you a truly happy and peaceful Christmas.