Marion's Landscape Painting Newsletter - Feb 2011

WELCOME to my February newsletter, I hope you have had a good few weeks and managed to get some painting done. In this newsletter I want to share my thoughts with you about local arts clubs and societies. Do you belong to your local art club? Well please read on to discover why it’s a great idea.

Regular meetings I think one of the best things about your local art club or society is that it meets regularly. Quickly you can make friends with likeminded people. Everyone at art groups are happy to talk about materials, exhibitions, artists and of course your own paintings. It is so easy with our busy lives to not have time to paint but if you go along to a weekly art society then you will be encouraged to do some painting or drawing. It is a great and friendly discipline. The local o group that I belong to has a new theme each month for everyone to experiment with. This month it is interiors, last month food and drink. Not everyone has to follow the theme but it is there for members in case they are lacking inspiration. During the tea break it is great to wander round, talk to the other members and see how they have chosen to represent the weeks theme.

Demonstrations Recently I have been to two art events where demonstrations of paintings were enjoyed. It’s got me thinking about how valuable it is to sees other artists at work. We may not always agree with the artist demonstrating; like their style or approach or even question how competent they are. However being there sitting and listening and watching you become reflective of your own practices. I don’t think I have ever been to a demonstration and not learnt anything. Within art groups, demonstrations always encourage some lively debate. Often in the following weeks group members practice the skills shown. This leads to sharing of further ideas and techniques.

Exhibitions So why do you paint? Is it just a very personal thing, a hobby that you enjoy that you do not want to share? That is fine but I feel most artists get to a point where they would like their work to be appreciated by others. Your paintings may not be where you want all your energy and time to be spent and that is quite understandable. However if you do want to share your work belonging to a local art- society will more than likely give you an opportunity to exhibit once or twice a year. If you don’t have a goand exhibit a painting or two, then how do you ever know if you can sell any? I know I am not alone when I tell you how exciting it is to find that someone has bought one of your paintings. Also on a more practical point it is great to recoup some of the money that you have spent creating your work. I am not in any way suggesting you should become a professional artist but sharing your work at an exhibition will give you a real buzz and you never know what unexpected outcome may be just around the corner. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter and it has encouraged you to look for a local art group or go back to one if you have lapsed in attending. Also please tell your friends about this newsletter and get them to sign up. Happy painting!

Painting Holidays

Another area I would suggest you consider is the fantastic opportunities a painting holidays provides. The concept of them being holidays makes me laugh as I always work very hard and for long hours when I have attended one.

Painting holidays are available in many locations and lead by a whole variety of artists. The chance to paint in different environments, good tuition and being with like minded people are what they all have in common. The choice of which one to choose is a very personal decision. I encourage you to spend some time looking on the web.

Above all do act and do not keep putting it off.

January a time of ..... Big Grey Skies

Often January for landscape painters can seem rather flat and lifeless. The trees are bare and skies can be dull and oppressive.

You need to keep training your eye - reconsider views around you. Try and look at them afresh. At dusk there may well be lots of soft shades and pin points of bright lights. Morning mists across the frosty valleys can be an exciting and challenging subject

ITS COMPETITION TIME! If you would like to send me a copy of a painting depecting a January landscape, I will choose the most interesting one and feature it in February's newsletter. The artist who has painted the picture will receive one of my 2011 calendars as a small prize.

To enter simply write to me at

January's Product

The product I would like to recommend to you this month is a palette of inks. ( sometimes called waterbased dyes )

This is a great product as the quality of colour is fantastic. The colour is very pure and intense. I love them because they are so portable , really ideal for painting on location or taking with you to your local art group.

If you are interested in purchasing them please contact: Art Van Go 01438 814946

Well it's almost time to sign off. I encourage you to pass on my website details to your arty friends and contacts. Also, please do get them to sign up for my newsletter.

HOT OFF THE PRESS On my gallery page you can find a link to Red Bubble and here you can purchase prints or cards showing a selection of my paintings... In case you're interested.

Thank you for signing up for my newsletter. I will be in touch in February.

So remember - keep painting and plan your art journey for 2011.