Marion's Landscape Painting Newsletter - JULY 2011

WELCOME to my July newsletter, Dear Newsletter Readers, Firstly if you have received this twice I do apologise.

In Britain it is the time of year when many artists becoming involved in Open Studios. This is a great event where artists open up their home or studio and share with the general public their working environment and creative products. Advertising is done from a central location and many would-be buyers have these dates earmarked in their diaries many weeks in advance.

I was very fortunate in being open to join with four other fantastic artists. We exhibited together in a lovely gallery in Surrey. The whole experience was great fun. Many members of the public as well as our friends and family enjoyed the exhibition. We had some great conversations, made interesting contacts and sold some of our work also.

I think one of the things that makes open studios such a success is the very good advertising and the fact that it is a clearly an event which many, many people enjoy. Personally I have also found that through this event I have made some really good art friends. We all plan to keep in touch with each other and definitely to exhibit together again in future.


It is probably somewhat of an understatement to say how much I am looking forward to going on a painting holiday in just over a week’s time. The name painting holidays does make me smile as I throw myself into this kind of event often keeping late hours and really working extremely hard.

However, having said that these painting holidays or courses are extremely inspiring and often become a milestone in one’s painting development.

A question that is often asked is what materials to take with you? The more you know about the course the more you can refine equipment you take. However it is my experience that as you are painting day after day and encouraged to consider new ways of working you want a wide range of materials at hand. I am very fortunate and my long suffering family allows me to take our car. This allows me to take as much as I want; so apart from the kitchen sink I can take all the art materials and products that I think I may possibly want.

July's Product

Over the last couple of months I have been working quite large. Something you have had to consider carefully is how to transport large canvases or framed paintings. The answer is STIFFY BAGS.

Simply Google -- Stiffy Bags and you will find the company. These bags are made off really strong, plastic coated bubble wrap. They come in a whole range of sizes and at very affordable prices. Also with each bag they supply a transparent, stick on window so you can easily identify the painting inside. This is a fantastic product which I am really pleased to be able to tell you have to.

A Few Other Things

You will not receive any August newsletter as I will be taking some time off with my family. I am sure you can imagine my sketchbook and paints will not be far away. I plan to keep a diary of an artist on holiday, more about this in September.

I wish you all a great couple of months; please find some time to be creative. If there is anything you wish to ask me or suggest I discuss in future newsletters please get in touch via the contact page or on my website

All the best