Marion's Landscape Painting Newsletter - September 2011

WELCOME to my September newsletter, Dear Newsletter Readers,


In July I was fortunate enough to attend a weeks painting course in Suffolk with the extremely talented Chris Forsey. Chris ( member of the RI ) captures the detail of a landscape without losing its energy and freshness. I believe this is mainly due to his excellence & discipline in sketching. We all have days when painting and sketching feels like hard work and Chris is no different. Sometimes the subject doesn’t inspire us or our mood simply isn’t right. Whilst at Pin Mill Chris shared with me he felt tired and not totally inspired. We agreed that there were really two options -- to not worry, chill out and have a coffee or have a coffee… and work through the block. Not surprisingly Chris chose the second option and produced some great sketches.


Okay so we need to sketch and sketch and sketch but then what? Well take some photos also but for emergency reference only. Once at home or in the studio do a compositional sketch. This will help you decide on the best form for your painting such as a square. A good device is to use two L shapes of card to use as a frame over your sketch. Move them around until you find the part of the sketch that works best as a painting and create your compositional sketch from this. Next also in your sketchbook consider your choice of colours… Realistic, realistic but heightened .Or consider using a range of colours close to each other on the colour wheel and add a complimentary colour for drama. Now you know your colour scheme and composition you are ready to start painting. All this preparation may seem a little long winded but it can really pay off.

As you can see I learnt lots and will share more over the next few months.

September's Product

If you arte anything like me you will love art shops and the 'need' to buy new materials. I especially love buying paints.

Over the last few weeks I have purchased a few different colours of acrylics.

PALE UMBER: a fantastic soft grey/ mushroom colour. Perfect to mix and soften the tone of other colours. Try using in cloudy sky work.

PALE OLIVE: an interesting soft, muted green. Really interesting to add to skies and seas.

DEEP TURQUISE: totally yummy and perfect for seas and to add pzaz to landscapes

The ones I purchased are Winsor and Newton paints

A Few Other Things

Any products I should try? Please get in touch via the contact page on my website OR my email address is

All the best