Marion Featured in Artist Magazine ...she is 'In the News'

This is how Marion is ... in the news

Marion has successfully had a letter printed in 'The Artist' magazine.

The Letter:

‘I DO’

Whilst thousands watched a lovely couple say ’I do’, a week ago; I had the great opportunity to go away and paint with a friend in Poole. We are often encouraged to get out and sketch or take photographs and these are very worthy past times. However I challenged myself to paint ‘plein air’, ‘on location’. Once comfortable, in a good spot at Lulworth Cove, Dorset, using acrylic paints and working on a natural coloured canvas I started to paint. Working in this way I found was exciting and spontaneous. Looking and really seeing and capturing the essence of the place was an excellent challenge out in the elements. I was very pleased with the results and several other holidaymakers were most complimentary. If asked if I would like to go away and paint on location my answer would definitely be ‘I DO’.

The Painting

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