Abstract Greetings Cards

abstract greetings cards

Abstract greetings cards in some ways could be thought of as a little undefinable. If abstract art means a of range of things to a group of people then surely its true about abstract cards.

The image above is a pattern of shapes and colours but to each viewer it reminds them of something different. It could be a certain landscape or a favorite view. For others an emotion: peace, excitement, happiness.

Why Absract Greetings Cards?

There is a wonderful neutralness (in a good sense) about abstract images. These cards are not gender biased or special occasion appropriate. They are not so 'in fashion'that they will seem dated within weeks.

abstract greetings cards

The beauty of an abstract is their simplicity.They appeal to a wider audience and are suitable for many occasions.

The buyer or creator of the card can still choose sympathetically for an appropriate card for an occasion.

Colours suggest moods - so vibrant yellows and reds may well be more suitable for birthday or celebration. Whereas calm blues and greens could send messages of sympathy.

Shapes can hint at places or buildings and evoke a sense of well-being.

To make Abstract Greetings Cards follow this link and use abstract images as your small paintings.