The Coastal Landscape

The coastal landscape changes. As seasons, time of day and light source changes, so does the relationship between land and sea. At times there is harmony between them and at others, you would think there is a war raging.

cabasson plage

The strength and stillness of the land contrasted with endless movement and immense power of the sea has challenged and inspired artists for centuries. If this all seems to be a vast topic to explore, then look at the links below to find some interesting sub-topics.

Beach Landscape Paintings Consider as an artist how to capture the beach – as part of a larger landscape.

Beach Pictures– golden sand or pebbly beaches? The beach offers a huge source of interesting subject matters for painters.

Coastal Landscape Paintings– how the coastal landscape can be interpreted . . . Larger vistas, rocky cliffs, sand dunes . . . the wildness associated with that special place where land and sea hold hands.

Ocean Pictures A brief look at how to tackle this vast subject.