Beach Pictures

Beach Pictures are popular as they remind the viewer of happy days, lazing around and having fun.

beach painting

If you're going to paint a beach scene, I think you need to think through some important questions.

  • Is the beach going to be busy or isolated?
  • Is it going to be a hot summers' day or grey, windswept and atmospheric?
  • Are there going to be adults, children, animals or birds in the painting?
  • Are you going to work in acrylics, watercolour, or pastels, or add any mediums or other textures?
  • What shape is the painting going to be?
  • Are you hoping to sell the painting? Plan your frame and mount to suit the painting - I have seen some lovely frames that are made of driftwood.

If you have never thought of painting a beach scene before, consider why not. Do you not enjoy being there? Do you not like everything getting sandy? Perhaps you should challenge yourself to paint a beach scene - if you get a chance - go and sit on the beach or promenade and sketch or paint.

Absorb the atmosphere and look carefully at the colours and textures. This probably won't be your finished painting - but an invaluable supportive study.

Need inspiration for your beach pictures? Then have a browse in the image gallery.