Art Supplies - an overview

Your choice of where to get your art supplies will depend, a large degree, on what you find most convenient. Do you prefer to walk into a shop, browse and handle the materials? Is it easier to order from the internet, and get art supplies delivered to your door?

Your local art shop

A local art shop is fantastic. There is nothing quite like being able to go into a well stocked art shop. You can browse and discover new products and have time to examine them carefully. More often than not, one of the members of staff will be a real fount of knowledge. You may know what you want to achieve, but be unsure which 'material' will be best.

Good art shops will stock a vast range of materials. Plus they often sell 'singles' of items such as pastels or neocolour II so you can choose the shades you require. When it comes to brushes and papers, being able to handle the product is very helpful.

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Name of art shop: Curtisward

Address of art shop: 15 Church Street, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2QP

Phone number: 01932-232578

web address:

High Street Chains

Depending on the product will partly determine if high street chains are of any help. I have found....

  • HOBBYCRAFT: to be very useful as it stocks Daler Rowney fw acrylic inks; a variety of palettes; a good range of brushes and a great selection of hand made papers. I often use Hobbycraft (I am lucky to have one only a couple of miles away) when I unexpectedly run out of something and really need it to meet a deadline.
  • THE RANGE: This is an Aladdin's Cave and has an art and craft section that is worth exploring. Some of the materials you will find are student rather than artist's quality - it depends on your needs and budget. They do stock a really great selection (size wise) of Windsor & Newton box canvases. They are competitively priced and of a good quality. Also, for brushes to apply glue or gesso, they are very useful. It is certainly worth browsing around a branch if you have one locally.
  • WHSMITHS: WHSmiths do a limited range of art materials. The bigger the store, the more they stock. This may be a convenient option, even if not that competitively priced.
For online art supplies, follow this link to online retailers

A great example of an online shop is One Stop Shopping Mall... this is really worth having a look at.

One Stop Shopping Mall

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