Colour - some of the mysteries explained.

The song may say 'Love is all around you' and the same can be said about colour! Everyday we make choices based on it. We look at the shade of fruit to see if its ripe. Check there is no green on the bread or it's mouldy!

When we dress we decide if we want the shades to go together and be harmonious. Should they clash and draw attention? Or all black and no shades or pattern at all?

When we hear artists talking does it sometimes begin to sound like a foreign language? Words and terms used can become confusing. This is totally true when it comes to color. Marry this with the fact that a high percentage of artists use many colors in their work at some point and confusion is quite likely.

Follow the links below and have the confusions explained. Be more confident in choosing, mixing and using hues and shades. Add zing to your paintings and create the mood you wish to.

Color Wheel Primary and secondary ones explained. Ones that go together and ones that clash.

Color Wheel

Mixing Yellow and blue makes green! That part is easy. Learn about other combinations. Depth, tone, shade and hue.

Colour Mixing

The colorists Who these artists were and what we can learn and apply from their paintings.

Colorist Painting

Using a limited palette The skills and benefits of choosing your shades carefully.

Limited Palette