Colorist Painting Explained

Colorist painting is dominated by use of intense colour - this becomes the key feature. Early in the twentieth century, The Fauvists adopted this style and explored it in their work. This can be seen in the work of artists such as Henri Matisse and Andre Derain.

A colorist is a painter who is skilled in producing special effects with colour. Maryanne Jacobsons painting 'Mission Morning Glory' is a great example of this.

I simply love color! What would the above painting be like without the splashes of orange?

Isn't it fascinating how color can affect your mood? Different colors are associated with different emotions.

Artists over time develop a personal style. Color plays a greater or lesser part in their style. Consider Monet compared with Lowry. Did the subject matter dictate the colors used? Did their personal choice, taste or persuasion directly affect their chosen palette?

Color and You

Are you afraid of colour? Do you feel using bright colours is frightening, unnecessary, or just not your thing?

Many of the paintings I produce are bright. I achieve a liveliness by putting complementary colours next to each other.

Consider colorist painting alongside color mixing. It is interesting to note that the colors we choose to wear are often in our palettes. Surely this is not just coincidence.

Be encouraged to be more daring. Use colors more vividly. Think out of the box. Interested? Then look at color your interpretation.