Acrylics ... Paints and Inks

Acrylics are a fantastic medium in their own right. Some people suggest they were introduced as a cleaner (turps free) version of oil paints. This is not true as they work very differently to oils. I feel they are...

  • more maluable
  • quicker drying
  • more affordable
  • easier to transport, without wastage

What do you think?

Another reason they are very popular is because they are available in different consistencies ranging from fluid to heavy bodied.

James Morton does colourful detailed paintings. He believes the key to their use is to apply them in layers - glazing with them. By glazing he builds up beautiful colours. I agree they can be great for glazing, but I also love the way you can mix them directly on your surface as you work. I have heard of several artists who put two colours on their brush at once to create areas of depth and interest.

Acrylic Inks - discover the beauty of these versatile acrylics

Medium Body - the 'bread and butter' of acrylic paints

Heavy Body - great for texture and impasto painting