Mixed Media Techniques

Painting in a mixed media style is all about exploring and learning about mixed media techniques. The more you understand how different mediums work together, the more you can suit the techniques to your specific choice of landscape that you wish to paint and depict.

As with all styles of painting, you do not want to use each technique on every painting you create. Also, in my experience, as artists learn about the different techniques there are some they love and want to explore further and some techniques that they don't want to use at all.

On a course I attended once, we were encouraged to work on six small paintings at a time. The idea was we explored our subject matter and each painting became a development of the previous one. Personally I didn't enjoy this way of working - others did.

With mixed media painting, it's all about having a go. When I run mixed media painting workshops, I always encourage those who attend to play, experiment and have fun (please do get in touch via the contact page, if you want further information about my mixed media workshops).

The following links will help you learn more about mixed media painting and the associated techniques.

Collage - how to incorporate collage as one of your mixed media techniques