Modern Greetings Cards

Modern greetings cards are just one genre of cards available to purchase.I am sure it is no surprise that the greetings cards industry is huge.

As an artist and especially a landscape artist I decided to see if the greetings card market was totally saturated. I sourced and bought some basic materials and made a small number of exclusive greetings cards. I believed it was very important to ensure I was creating unique greetings cards and this I believe has been the reason for the success of my cards.

Making Greetings Cards

As you can see from the photo above, my cards all have a small piece of original art on them.

I explain how I make them on the page 'Make Greetings Cards'
How to Make Greetings Cards

Painted Greetings Cards

Use your artistic skills and unique style to paint your own unique greetings cards.
Painted Greetings Cards

Abstract Greetings Cards

How about painting some abstract images. Ideal and interesting for greetings cards.
Abstract Greetings Cards

Seasons Greetings Cards

With the change of the seasons comes the change in peoples card requirements. Make cards suitable for the season and your market.
Seasons Greetings Cards

Made Greetings Cards

What makes a lovely made, handcrafted greetings card?
Hand-Made Greetings Cards

If making modern greetings cards is not for you follow this link to see my contemporary printed cards... THANKS