Landscape Painting Tutorials

Landscape painting tutorials are a new and exciting way of improving your paintings. Those who are fortunate enough to go to art school will have mixed feelings about art tutorials. Obviously we cannot all have art tutors in person.

The invention of the Internet and email has meant that painting tutorials are available to a far greater number of people.

How it works!

Painting tutorials can either be as one offs or as on going tuition. Search online for artists who offered tutorials.

I do offer this service.

One off tutorial £5.00

Three months of tutorials £45.00

As an aspiring artist you may be on occasions really stuck or disallusioned with a painting. All you need to do is photograph it and explain how you feel about the painting, what you're stuck on what you're trying to achieve!

On Going Tuition

If you decide you want on-going tuition the tutor can get to know your way of working and help you to develop your style. They may suggest different techniques and approaches.

A good online tutor will promptly answer your emails and illustrate their points or suggestions with pictures or photos.

Interested? Then please use this contact form --- your first tutorial is only a click away.


If landscape painting tutorials on-line do not suit you then please follow the links below for some step-by-step painting lessons. DAISY PAINTING