Colour Mixing

The more you understand about the basics of colour mixing the better you will be at achieving the colour you are trying to mix. Also you should remember it is all about trial and error and finally success. The more you practise the skills associated with colour and mixing the better you will be.

This color and mixing exercise is simple but effectively shows how you can achieve many shades from just 2 primary colours.

The following exercise is equally simple. Starting with the blue and adding a little water time after time a new blue shade is created.

When you are using acrylics the addition of white is very valuable. By adding white to any color a whole new range of shades are possible.Think about when you start with a bright red and add white - all the tones of pink that you can mix.

My advice if you are a complete novice, is to set some time aside; have a clean sheet of paper and experiment. As you mix and create new colours keep a colour refernce on your paper and make some notes. You may never refer back to it but you will have learnt lots.

If you have specific questions related to colour mixing please do use the contact form.

Body Painting Art

Body painting art is always authentic original work. Unlike the ordinary tattoo, it is temporary and painted into the human skin with an airbrush or traditional paintbrushes. The art may last for several hours or days, depending on the quality of ink used. It´s also considered as a form of temporary tattoo. This is how color can be used in a wonderfully unusual way.