Ocean Pictures

Firstly, I would like to explain my interpretation of ocean pictures . . .

They explore the ocean, the sea. It is not a study of sailing boats or cruisers. It is not about paradise-style islands. It is to me, an expression of the vastness, the movement, and the colours.

ocean painting

This little study done in watercolour is a great example. I painted it on a sunny French Mediterranean beach. I was interested in capturing how the light sparkled on the water. The changes in colour and hues affected by the light and distant.

This subject for a painting needs some careful planning as overpainting can really spoil it. A real skill is to incorporate dry brushwork to suggest waves or sunlight reflecting on the water.

Next time you are near the sea why not take some photos or even better do some quick sketches or color studies. On a painting course I attended we had the opportunity to go on a coastal walk. We stopped three or four times and had twenty minutes to capture the view. I worked in watercolour as they were easy to transport. Often working quickly and spontaneously results in a freshness and excitement in the painting. Go on, give it a try.

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