Acrylic and Neocolour II

Neocolour II is a water soluble wax pastel. Using acrylic and neocolour II produces subtle and beautiful results. Caron D'ache are the manufacturers of NeocolourII and explain...' they are water-soluble, soft and easy to work, with strong bright colours and excellent lightfastness.

Other artist enjoy their high pigmentation and have discovered you can apply light colours over dark as well as the expected - dark over light.

This is part of a larger painting. Neocolour II has been used over the arylics to suggest the grasses and foliage in the foreground.

I do not use NeocolourII in their water-soluble state. Instead as an additional medium or instead of pastels when working on canvas.

To find out where you can purchase acrylic and neocolour II follow this link