All Over Texture

All over texture is another approach to mixed media painting often it works well when you are focussing in on a small area of a given landscape such as the field and distant trees and bushes in the photo below.

How To ...

To create this effect you ...

1. Take a sheet of white tissue paper slightly larger than your paper or canvas; scrumple it up tightly and then gently open it back out.

2. Using diluted PVA glue (single cream consistency) spread an even coat across your whole painting surface.

3. Carefully, so as not to tear the tissue, spread and smooth it across the gluey surface. Use the palms of your hands. Work from top to bottom, pressing it down and trying to avoid any large air bubbles. Being gentle as the tissue is very fragile once wet.

4. Coat it all over with the diluted pva. This helps it adhere really well.

5. Lastly and carefully place a soft cloth on top and go over the whole surface with a rubber roller. Leave to dry or use a hairdryer. Once dry this surface is surprisingly strong and resilient.

Once your surface has texture cver all of it you can start to apply acrylics - inks or paints. A top tip is not to apply the paints too thickly or you will begin to loose some of the texture.

Working with paints and then pastels is extremely effective as they will highlight all the grooves and folds in the tissue.

Why not have a go and see what you can achieve?

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