Art Appraisal

Art appraisal has helped many artists to learn and develop. All artists can go through times of doubt or lack creative zeal.Recently I worked on a painting, I felt it would be exciting and could imagine how it would develop. At each stage I became less sure. Once finished I was still unsure so I asked for some feedback from family, friends and other artists. The feedback was all positive and so the painting is mounted, framed and ready to exhibit - time will tell if it is a success or not.

So yes art appraisal is very helpful and can be found easily in 4 different ways.

Family and Friends

OK yes some of our family and friends are very biased but often they are very honest also. My daughters ( both under teenage ) are often great critics of my work. Why not send a photo of your painting to some of your mates? Ask direct questions, for them to answer, if there is a particular part of the painting you are unsure about.

Art Societies

Many local Art Societies have a regular slot on their programme.. painting critique sessions. This is where you can take one of your paintings along and more experienced painters can do a critique or suggest improvements. Sometimes this may feel a little uncomfortable as there is an audience, however very useful and helpful hints can be shared.

Art Forums

Over the past few years I have found a number of really helpful Art Forums on the internet. By sharing art problems, questions, or thoughts on your own work 'online' you are asking the opinion of a wide-ranging, international group of art minded people.

I recommend these Art Forums: (follow links to visual arts)

Online Tutorials

Art appraisal can be needed in a one-off situation or as part of an artist's ongoing development. Whatever the need, online tutorials can be extremely beneficial. In short, you correspond by email with an artists and send photos of your on-going work and the artist emails suggestions and ideas for improvement.

If you're interested in Art Appraisal in the form of online tutorials please follow this link