Art Workshops

Art workshops are a great way of learning new skills and immediately exploring them. Many professional artists run workshops. They normally last one or two days and are not residential.

I think the benefit of workshops is the quality of teaching and dedicated length of time they take. Generally the tutor would do a short introduction and then demonstration. You then have time to do your own painting putting into practice the new skills that you have seen demonstrated. The timetable is then repeated again after lunch. Towards the end of the workshop there is a time to reflect on what has been learnt and share the work produced with each other.

To get the most from the workshop, if possible, chat to the artist running it and discover all you can about the workshop.

A top tip is to read and reread all the information you are sent about the workshop, especially the equipment list. I have run many workshops and the students who come along well prepared, with their own materials and source materials - feel most comfortable and most satisfied with the results.

Do not expect to go home with completed masterpieces. Remember it is a time to play, explore and learn new techniques. Workshops are a great way to learn new skills and to move out of your comfort zones.

If you are interested in art workshops and particularly mixed media painting, then please follow this link to find out about the workshops that are run by myself, Marion Deacon, based in Surrey UK