When you think of art and paintings, how often do you consider drawing ( read sketching as the same )as an art form in its own right?

This is a unique art form in its own right. In every art group there is at least one person whose real passion is to sketch. They may paint as well, but are most excited and absorbed when using pencils. Using simple materials - a small range of quality lead pencils and some well chosen paper they create beautiful pictures.

This is a far more portable choice of art form. It is very direct and can be used easily outdoors. The range of marks possible are only limited by your imagination!


Sketches can be created using...

  • lead pencils
  • fine pens to bold markers
  • charcoal
  • pen and ink
  • chalk
  • pastels

There is a huge range of paper to work on ranging from very smooth to rough. It all depends on the effect you want to create. The more you experiment the more you will discover your preferences. For some tips on landscape drawings why not follow this link? Do people value sketches in the same way they value paintings? Many are monotone but the depth of mark making and time spent is amazing. In one there is no hiding behind colour or interesting textured techniques.

An artist I know never considers hers to be as attractive or good as her paintings. Interesting that her sketches always sell in exhibitions.

Capturing a 3d landscape onto a 2d surface with a pencil or pen is as incredibly skilled art form.

What do you think? What are your experiences?