Good quality, framing or 'edging' can finish off and present a painting beautifully. How many times have you seen a painting you love or think is really interesting, but have been put off by poor quality or inappropriate edging?

There is an incredibly huge choice of mounts and edging on the market. Something for every budget bracket and color scheme choice.

You may choose to paint to standard sizes because you are aware that you can purchase standard size ready made ones. These sort are available in shops such as Hobbycraft, DIY Superstores, and high street stores.

Alternatively, you may decide that you want to create art work of non-standard sizes. You can then choose if you wish to make your own made-to-measure ones or purchase them from a framers. Most reasonable sized towns have a great shop and these are normally run by helpful, skilled, well-informed people. These people are a great resource to you, as they often have an eye for what looks good and suits your piece of art work. Once you have discovered a framer who you can work well with, you are in a very good position. (Look after them, like you would a good friend. They will be more readily willing to help you, and as you prove to be a reliable customer, they are more willing to give good discounts.)

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How to choose

Choosing a mount and edging material can be rather bewildering. There are a huge choice of styles available. Partly it comes down to what the painting is intended for. If it is for yourself and you wish to put it in a highly decorative gold one, then that’s fine. It becomes more complicated if you are thinking of exhibiting or selling your work. The best advice I can give you is:

  • choose neutral colours for mount
  • choose neutral and natural colours
  • the larger the painting, the greater the width is appropriate
  • try to be aware of what is contemporary (I have recently purchased some beautiful lime-washed ones. These have a fantastic contemporary look to them – and have proved to have been very popular.
  • Your mount and edging needs to suit the style of painting and colours used. A black and silver one can work very well with an icy snow scheme or stylised silhouette. Natural woods and antique white mount set off rural landscapes beautifully.

If you have any particular questions about mounts or framing, please use the contact form