Mixed Media Landscapes

Painting Mixed Media Landscapes is so exciting, spontaneous and fun.

I love the richness and variety of the landscape, be it around where I live, or on holiday. There is so much color, movement and texture, that I felt limited using just watercolours or acrylics. On my art journey, I discovered the richness and attraction of mixed media painting.

Using a range of materials to depict a scene is fantastic. As you become more experienced with how different mediums work together you become more skilled in your choices.

Using collage for the groyne posts, helps to make them stand out. The use of paper in the foreground gives the subtle suggestion of rocks. The folds and creases hold the paint in different consistencies, giving the appearance of craggy rock faces.

painting of barn (C)

In contrast, the fantastic, strong, structural trunks and branches in the painting above were carefully cut. They add a really great rich contrast to the soft foliage which was produced using tissue paper and angel wire.

Excited? Bemused? Want to know more? Then please follow the link below. Techniques for Mixed Media Landscapes