Paintings of Landscapes

Throughout history, many artists have grappled with the idea of achieving great paintings of landscapes.

Breathtaking, calming, energising, stimulating or restful - lanscapes speak to as all in different ways.

We all have favourite scenes and locations. Places where we can go in reality or our minds eye and re-remember who we are. Painting the landscape is all about connecting with the landscape. (If you want an exact replica then you may as well use your camera.)

You want to capture the mood, or colour, movement or texture of a chosen landscape? Then paint it! Easier said then done? Well yes up to a point. There are tips you can learn and processes you can follow. Painting landscapes is about your interpretation of what you see. No two artists would paint identical pictures of the same view. Can your painting be wrong? Elements such as perspective and tone may need to read correctly other areas such as color is down to your choice.

In a recent exhibition I saw a painting titled 'Happy Memories'. It was a simple but striking painting using a range of greens and vivid orange. The red dot indicated it was sold. Someone had connected with it - it had read correctly for them. Also, consider the use of a limited palette when creating paintings of landscapes