Summer Landscape Paintings

Summer Landscape Paintings depend on the country they are based upon. As a resident of the UK my summer artwork focuses on sunny days, brightly coloured flowers and harvest time. Vegetation is thick and fully grown, if it's been a good summer fields of corn shine golden.


In this painting the brightly coloured foxgloves represent the summer sun. This is a mixed media painting and I think the clever use of darks against lights and lights against darks work well.


Fresh white summer daises painted using clean colours and a simple background. A summer painting of your local landscape can be as simple or complex as you choose. I believe the success of such a painting is the carefull choice of colours and good handling of the paints so they do not muddy.

I encourage you to capture the Summer in your sketchbooks or on a camera. Why not create an exciting, sun-filled and vibrant painting?

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