The Artist's ability to be

by Robert Anderson
(Sacramento California)

To sum up the meaning of my title, it means, " To be deliberatly obscure". I'm an Action Painter, which is title best summed up as an artist who drips and pours paint onto a canvas instead of using a pallette knife or brush. Instead I manupulate the action of pouring and splattering the paint. Thus making the artwork spontanious and free of direct apllication to keep it obscure.
When you are an artist like me, fine details are not what excites you. Its my passion for exploring my creative abilities.
If you apply this mindset, of free flowing creativity to a landscape style painting. You will amaze yourself with with the art you end up with. Allow your brain to see what is there in your eyes. as you progress through the piece. Step back and evaluate every couple minutes. Spontaniously paint what you see happening, and dont be perfect. Allow your feelings to express the image. :)
Sincerly Robert Anderson....

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