Winter Landscape Paintings

Hoare Frost

Winter Landscape Paintings often seem to me, to have a magicalness about them. There is almost a silence as you can feel the stillness and quiet caused by the thick layer of snow.

A couple of winters ago, there were weeks of heavy Hoare Frost. As I drove through Wiltshire, it was like time standing still.

It is the challenge of the artist to capture this magicalness, this moment in time, created by a frozen still landscape.

I believe the key in creating Winter Paintings is to use a limited palette. No - snow is not just white - as it reflects all the subtle shades and hues around it. Soft yellows, pinks, blues and mauves can all help to create the gentle and silent shadows.

This is a very hard time of year for artists to work 'on location' but you could possibly sit and sketch in the car. Alternatively, put on lots of layers and sketch outside - limit yourself to twenty minutes. You will capture the essence of your view and can make some notes about the colours.

Please share your experiences of creating Winter Landscape Paintings . . . Let's inspire each other. Simply fill in this contact form. Thank you.