Art Courses

Art courses are an excellent way to obtain extra art teaching. These courses often fall under the umbrella of adult education. However any one aged 16 to 80 can enrol. I have experienced a whole range of courses and the following points will help you choose the correct one for your needs.

1. Get in touch with the tutor and ask questions. Often the course description does not give enough information. By talking to the tutor you can obtain far more information to decide if it's the correct course for you.

2. Carefully think why you want to go on the course. Does a particular course meet these aims?

3. Is the location and time of the course practical for you?

4. What are the costs, art materials included?

5. Is there any expectation to do work at home?

How to find Courses

There are a number of ways to find courses in your local area. If you can access the Internet then many arts courses will be advertised.

If you have colleges that are local to you ask them to send you a prospectus. Other places where you can find information is your local library, tourist advice centre or citizens advice centre.

If you are someone who can't make a weekly commitment to art courses perhaps a one or two day workshop would be more suitable.