Acrylic and Pastels

The use of a mixture of mediums such as acrylic and pastels create a fabulous painting. I find, by combining and layering the mediums the painting has a richness and depth. Often mixed media paintings are striking from a distance but also fascinating when viewed close to. It is great to see people really looking and understanding a mixed media painting.

The painting above 'Fabulous Foxgloves' is a great example of how acrylics and pastels work so well together. As I painted it, it really came to life when the foxgloves were depicted with the pastels.

To learn more about the mediums of acrylic paints and pastels then please follow these links. Discover more about different mediums. As I workvon a mixed media painting I go through a process of questions:

  • Will collage add to this?
  • Shall I just use acrylic inks or paints as well?
  • Should I use Neocolour II?
  • Will the softness of pastels achieve the effect I am looking for?

On a practical note I do not advise you to try and use acrylics combined with pastels on a canvas. It is very hard to fix the pastels on canvas. The few times I have been successful I have used a spray, matt varnish. Using a varnish or fixative only helps secure the pastels and definately changes the colour. Using neocolour II is an interesting substitute to the pastels. You can not create the some effect but add a good contrast to the acrylics. To understand more about acrylics and neocolour II follow this link.

To discover places where you can purchase acrylic and pastels online, follow this link