Art Materials

If you are anything like me and many artists, you love art materials. You almost become a collector of them. However if we put our sensible heads on we all recognise that good quality materials are quite expensive. Also how many of us have materials stacked in our cupboard that we have only used once. We do not get on with them or are unsure how to use them properly. They are not what we expected.

Personal taste also plays a major partwhen choosing and using art products. Due to this and the vast range available I will concentrate on the materials I use and would recommend.

The following links will help you to learn more about various art products. I will also guide you to some excellent suppliers both on your high street and on the internet. Please use the contact form to ask any questions and share your ideas.

Acrylic Inks - what is available and their main features

Medium Body Acrylics - a great and diverse medium

Heavy Body Acrylics - how and when you would use these acrylics

Art Supplies - most convenient and competitively priced

Canvases - where to purchase them and the various types available

Easels - one size does not fit all

Framing - some points to consider

Gesso - so much more than a primer

Neocolour II

Palettes - how to choose

Pastels - an overview and some recommendations of these great art materials

Watercolour Paper - why it's special